Experience Life


A complete educational application about the vital role of the relationship of man.
Through the nervous system’s response to external stimuli, we relate to other living beings and to our surroundings. Our senses receive stimuli; the nervous system processes the information and responds in the most appropriate manner; then, the musculoskeletal system implements the action.
Available in English and in Spanish, the development of this application was supervised by educational and medical professionals to explain the workings of THE SENSES, the NERVOUS SYSTEM, and the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM in an enjoyable and entertaining way.


Designed for iPad
More than 2,000 images
Animations and interactive elements

Game “Sense Ninja”

App Experience Life. Visual defects and Sight
App Experience Life. Audible frequency and Pain Threshold
App Experience Life. Touch
App Experience Life. Sense Ninja game

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