Memorize-IDi is a technology app based on the development of what has possibly been the most efficient system for memorising numbers of all times.
Created in 1644 by the French mathematician and astronomer Pierre Hérigone, the method named after him is still one of the most used systems by the great memorisation prodigies to compete in world championships.
However, possibly due to how complex it is to carry out, the Hérigone method has not been as widespread as it should be after almost four centuries.
The Memorize-IDi, or Mnemonic Calculator, created by the company IDi Creative, allows automatically processing any number into simple images, multiplying the efficacy of the old Hérigone method.
This app allows turning any user into a number memorization prodigy.


Designed for iPad
Animations and illustrations
Languages: Spanish, English, French

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App Memorize
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